welcome to my ugly ass site ! i mainly go by mayoi and it/she pronouns, but i use others too. i'd love if u alternated between pronouns (and maybe names but i mostly prefer mayoi ok)

i know little to nothing abt coding. i come from carrd and rentry, so neocities is a lot more new to me. so my site is gonna be shitty for a while srry about that.

some basic info, i'm an introject w 3 sources. do not separate me from myself. i also suffer w pyschosis and may get delusional over characters sometimes. i don't like being that open abt my mental health but it heavily affects how i interact with media and others.

i hate dming people and prefer to be alone, so if i don't reply it's not something u did, i just don't wanna talk to anyone. it's not just u.

please remember that i am part of a DID system. although i'm the host, i may not always be fronting.

don't use tone tags for me unless you type Extremely dry and we aren't friends.

i have some ships that people might consider 'problematic' but honestly i do not give a shit. i'm too old to give a shit. if you don't like it, block me and move on.

i am veeeerrryy opinionated and will not hesitate to infodump my entire pov on beliefs or political issues.

i try not to have a strict dni, but if you believe that you are me or my boyfriends (any of our sources or delusions etc), do not interact with me. thanks